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Sugar Pines of Yosemite West

One of the trees that can be found in abundance in Yosemite West and throughout Yosemite National Park and the Sierras is the Sugar Pine (Pinus lambertiana). The name comes from a resin that comes from the cut or burned wood. One of the tallest of the pine trees, the Sugar Pine can grow to heights of 175 to 200 feet. It is characterized by the large, elongated cones which hang from the ends of the branches. Some specimens of the Sugar Pine are known to be over 500 years old. The sandy soil in the area, derived from decomposed granite is ideal for the growth of the Sugar Pine. One of the biggest sugar pine measures 270 feet high with a trunk circumference of 348 inches and a branch spread of 68 feet on all sides. This huge specimen, recorded by the National Register of Big Trees in 1992 can be visited in Yosemite National Park.

The Sugar Pine is a species used for timber. Its wood is fine grained and smooth in texture. The wood can be used for boxes and crates as well as for doors, paneling, sashes and trims. The timber industry flourished in this area prior to its becoming national park land. The community of Yosemite West is part of some land granted to the loggers and their families when the National Park was established

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