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Road trips are IN for the summer

With gas prices half of what they were last year, many are planning road trips this summer. According to the leisure travel organization AAA, nearly 11 percent of the US population will be traveling via vehicle, this Memorial Day. Memorial Day is credited by the travel industry, as the great predictor of the summer season.

Indeed gas prices have dramatically dropped. Just a year ago this time, over $4.00 gas was the norm. Today, even in California, gasoline is just half that price. Many summer travelers are looking at discovering America. President Obama, in his March, 2009 signing of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, establishes 10 new National Heritage sites, creates 21 new wilderness areas, expands 19 existing wilderness areas in 10 national forests, and grows several national park boundaries. In the speech given at the signing, the President suggested that American should rediscover their nationís parks.

One of those spectacular National Parks is Yosemite National Park, located in California. The park covers an area of 761,265 acres or 1,189 square miles, however many visitors assume a day trip to the Yosemite Valley is ample time to see this park. Granted, the Yosemite Valley is impressive, but this is a very small part (3,509 acres) of this spectacular park. You really need to spend several days, at minimum, exploring to see the diversity of this park. And you must see the nights in Yosemite from Glacier Point to really understand this place.

There are numerous places to stay overnight in the park from camping sites and tent cabins to hotel rooms at the Yosemite lodges. There are also private homes within the park that you can rent by the day or week. These homes do provide a quiet retreat for families after a day of exploring and allow you to extend your evening stay. Most have their own kitchens so families can prepare their own food and beverages. For people that have special diets, this can be great help. These homes are located in several communities inside the park, Yosemite West, Wawona and Foresta to name a few.

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the view of Yosemite Valley by road
The drive into Yosemite Valley offers wonderful panoramic views from the highway...

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