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Yosemite travel guide for Yosemite visitors

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-- 2010 Yosemite waterfall season

-- Ken Burns Documentary

-- Yosemite Roadtrips, Summer 2009

-- El Capitan Climbing, Major Packer

-- Yosemite Valley Chapel celebrates 130 years

-- Where is Yosemite West?

-- Tribal history of Yosemite revisited

-- Moonbow at Yosemite Falls

-- Hike to Vernal Falls

-- Hike to Clouds Rest

-- Photography: US Postage Stamp Features Yosemite Valley

-- Sightseeing: Glacier Point

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Yosemite National Park guides

go to Yosemite lodging and rentals...lodging & vacation rentals


go to hiking and climbing guide...hiking and climbing guide

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Half Dome Cables

El Capitan Climb

Vernal Falls Hike

The trail to Mt. Hoffman

Elizabeth Lake trail

+ 11 hiking links

yosemite hiking trails ... Whether you're venturing to scale the steep walls of El Capitan or enjoying a brisk hike to Mount Hoffman. In Yosemite the hiking season is virtually year-round, but the spring and summer months give a great chance to explore the vast system of hiking trails throughout the park. Here, we provide hikers experiences, photos and various information for backpackers and rock climbers alike. go to hiking / climbing guide...


go to Yosemite sightseeing guide...sightseeing guide

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Summer Roadtrips to Yosemite

Chasing the Moonbow

Visiting Glacier Point

Adventures in Yosemite

+ 5 sightseeing links

El Capitan ...El Capitan, Half Dome, Glacier Point, Yosemite Falls, and Yosemite Valley are just but a few of the natural monuments within the park to visit with the family. Our sightseeing directory will show you all of the natural wonders of Yosemite Park and provide you with important information you'll need when you get there. To read about some of the many landmarks of Yosemite. go to sightseeing guide...


go to Yosemite photography...photography section


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Ken Burns PBS Documentary (new)

Ansel Adams

+ 6 photography links

Since the time when Ansel Adams captured the scenic beauty of Yosemite National park through the art of photography, professionals and amateurs alike have found joy in telling the story of Yosemite in pictures. Here we feature articles of interest to Yosemite photographers, as well as photo galleries submitted by About Yosemite guests. go to Yosemite photos...


go to camping guide...camping guide

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Setting up camp

+ 3 camping links

yosemite campsite...Camping is a great way to spend a vacation with your family, either from the comfort of your RV, or setting up camp at one of Yosemite's many quality campsites. There's plenty of things you'll want to know before planning your camping trip. We'll tell you about campsite reservations, types of campsites, wilderness permits, camping gear, important advisories and more. go to camping guide...


go to Yosemite valley guide...yosemite valley guide

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Shopping in the Valley

About Yosemite Valley

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+ 1 valley photo album

Yosemite valley is a popular destination for vacationers from all over the world. Not only is it home to epic monuments of nature such as El Capitan and Half Dome, but also a great place for camping, hiking, relaxing, or even shopping. go to Yosemite Valley guide...


go to Yosemite nature guide...nature guide

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Sugar Pines

Colorful Dogwoods

+ 2 nature links

Taking a relaxing nature hike in Yosemite is fun for the whole family. One can encounter quite an array of plant and animal species, many of which are native to the park. For the nature enthusiast we have constructed a guide with interesting facts about the natural phenomenon of Yosemite National Park. go to Yosemite nature guide...


go to Yosemite skiing and snow guide...snow skiing guide

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Discover Skiing

+ 6 skiing links

Badger Pass...

photo provided by Chris Falkenstein

Find some great skiing in Yosemite! Yosemite National Park features the Badger Pass ski area, California's oldest downhill ski area. Also, experience the wonders of Yosemite from your own cross-country ski expidition. The 2004-2005 ski season in Yosemite will go down as one of record snow packs. We'll tell you all about it with photos and reviews, and how to get a jump on this winter in Yosemite.go to skiing guide...


Weather Conditions

Be prepared on your next wilderness adventure with current updates on weather forecasts in and around the park from the following sources:

Weather Conditions... Weather Conditions...

Road Conditions

Click on the map below to current road conditions in Yosemite from CalTrans.

road information

Tioga pass / Hwy 120 now open for summer season

road conditions road conditions road conditions

General Information

Half Dome... Our General Information guide features links to Yosemite National Park Local News, Yarts schedules, and other updates by the Park service. Remember, You can still drive your car into Yosemite. Yarts and other busses are not required. go to general info...


go to the Yosemite fishing guide...fishing guide

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fishing in yosemite ...The Yosemite fishing season offers some of the best lake and stream fishing in the Eastern Sierra. Find out about licencing, tackle and bait, and of course, the best places to fishFishing spots are available throughout Yosemite National Park in the rivers, streams and the high mountain lakes. Try your luck on your own or sign up for the special guided tours and find the best spots for catching brown and rainbow trout. go to fishing guide...


go Yosemite history...historical information

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Part of what makes Yosemite national park such a sought after destination for travel is its rich history. In our historical guide you can enrich your understanding of the events and people that have converged upon this place.

Here you will discover the Miwok Indian history of Yosemite Valley and find articles about the Yosemite Valley Chapel. Find out about the Hetch Hetchy dam that supplies water for San Francisco with its own unique history. Train lovers will find more about the history of the logging trains whose former rail paths still exist in the park today. go to Yosemite park history...


go to rafting and kayaking guide...rafting & kayaking guide

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whitewater rafting in Yosemite ... Glide down the lazy Merced River in the valley in summer or face the churning white water thrills following the spring thaw. Yosemite National Park features hundreds of exciting waterways for rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and even swimming. go to rafting / kayak guide...